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English Programme - The difference being made...

This was what Nandita's household help Shashi, said about the difference being made in kids' lives: "Today Shashi visited her distant cousin who lives in Deverabisanahalli village. Her cousin's son, Rahul, is in our 3rd grade English program in DB. She first talked about how thrilled Rahul was that he got 38/40 in the Final Test. She then began talking about what a difference all this has made to Rahul's family and my jaw dropped at the realization of the magnitude of impact we are having on the families of the children we teach. Shashi explained that Rahul is a bright boy but has never been interested in studies. Whenever she offered to help him with learning to read Kannada, he was never interested. Rahul's father, a construction worker who shares many of the failings of the men in the neighborhood, actually wanted Rahul to quit school. But now, according to Shashi, things have really changed. Rahul has taken to studying English and his parents are very proud of their child. So much so, that they are considering sending him, and even his younger sister, to English medium school. Then Shashi continued in her hesitant English, "They are all so happy now madam. Rahul has changed so much. What you are all teaching is very, very good.""
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